Trip to Chiang Rai and Mae Sai. Part 4. Mae Sai night market and home

We did not want to miss the night market in Mae Sai. Yes we know.. “See one and you have seen them all” But when it is in your blood you have to go there. :-). So after a short rest waiting for dusk and the stallholders to get prepared along with big clouds gathering we set off.

Some nibbles would be good, the chicken skewers looked inviting so a few of them went down a treat. But earlier that evening as the stalls were getting ready willie had spotted the most delectable roast chickens so we sought out a tray of pieces. The locals certainly stared at the two old “Farangs” sitting on the kerbside tucking into roast chook.

Chickens. Night market Mae Sai

On the video you will see these chickens and also a sushi stand where two guys were making sushi as fast as there hands could work. Willie had to try them and at 5baht a piece he could not let them escape. So we wandered around (as wombats do) and hanging out for a beer we went to the largest hotel in town and got a large bottle of Chang for just 70 baht. Then the sound of music hit our ears and heading to the market again we found a group of not so young ladies dancing away to Thai music in the street. It took a little persuasion but eventually Mrs. Wombat decided she would show them a thing or two and joined in much to the delight (or was it bemusement) of the onlookers.

Having had a fun night it was back to “Little Bear” guest house and a Chang beer in the front relax area. Just started to enjoy the refreshing drop and the lights in the whole neighbourhood went out leaving us in total darkness for the next two hours. And if that wasn’t enough it started to pour with seasonal monsoon rain. It rained all night so early next morning we decided to pack the car and head back to Chiang Mai.

There was a lot to see so we have divided it into four videos. Click here to view  number one or here to view number two or here to view  number three.


Click video to play. Click [  ] icon to play full screen.


Click here to go to: The night bazaar Cabaret Chiang Mai

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