Trip to Doi Suthep

One evening whilst having a curry dinner at the Night Bazaar we met a young couple, Joe & Lucy from England. They were on a ten week trip through South East Asia.

We asked “what plans do you have for tomorrow”, their last day here, and when they said no plans we asked if they would like to go and the the largest temple in Chiang Mai “Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep Rajvoravihara”. As they had not been we agreed to pick them up in the morning in the “Wombat-Mobile”

Jo- Mrs Wombat- Lucy

So we headed off up the mountain to the Temple, (see the video below). Unfortunately the “Weather Gods” were not kind to us and at one stage going up the mountain it was impossible to see more than fifty meters in front of the car because of the low cloud. Anyway we “Did the Temple thing” and we must admit that even though we have visited years ago it was a worthwhile visit. The temple is magnificent and attracts a lot of people, even on rainy days. Joe and Lucy were “blessed” by the monk and told us they enjoyed the visit.

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

On leaving we suggested we head to The Airport plaza shopping centre for an authentic Thai lunch. Willie said  “Everything around here is only a five or ten minute journey” 🙂

So an hour later after asking the Tourist Police directions we got to the shopping centre for lunch. 🙁

Lunch there is great as there are about thirty food stands to chose your lunch from and all authentic Thai. Lunch usually costs around 80-100baht ($2.50 – $3.30) for a main course and a fruit smoothie (Mango for Willie) and Mrs Wombat has a Thai jelly and coconut dessert for 20baht (.65c)

So after dropping Joe & Luck back to the Stay With Me Guesthouse Soi 6 Tapae Rd (didn’t get lost) we bid them farewell and safe travels.


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