“Talay Jai” Thai song played just for us

When we had dinner at The Fern Restaurant in Mae Hong Son a small town in the North Western part of Thailand the musician played a lovely Thai song and allowed us to record it for our website. The song is called “Talay Jai’ and we were told it translates as “Sea Heart”.

Spend 4 minutes watching him perform ‘Talay Jai” just for The Wombats.

Click on the video to play and click the icon at the bottom of the video next to “Vimeo” to play full screen. Speakers up and enjoy. 🙂

Wombats at the Fern Restaurant Mae Hong Son. Musician plays “Talay Jai” from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

The musician at The Fern Restaurant plays a lovely Thia ballad just for us.

Click here to go to: Walking Street Chiang Mai.


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