Wheels……… At last !!

After 3 months of sitting in the passenger seats the Wombats have finally got wheels of their own. It all happened quite  freudiantly as we decided to go out on Sunday morning and get a pair of glasses made for Willie who sat on his, plus the eyes had deteriorated and was getting hard to read the fine print.

So we wandered, (as Wombats do) out on the street and hailed a Tuk Tuk. We explained we wanted to go to an optometrists (that was easy as he wore glasses). We also wanted to go to the “wet” market and get some fresh chicken and veggies for dinner (now we can cook). We wanted to go to the RingPing supermarket to top up on groceries and, if he happened to drive past a place that rented cars would he stop so we could make inquiries about renting a car.

The Tuk Tuk driver asked what sort of car we wanted and we told him, “not a new one, on older one to keep the hire cost down as we wanted it for seven weeks”

He then said “I have one that might suit you, when we finish shopping I will take you to my home and you can have a look at it”, “How much?” said Willie… “Four hundred baht a day” ($13.00). Sounded reasonable so we went shopping found an optometrist belonging to a franchise chain. They wanted $800 AU for glasses !!!!. So went to another (same franchise)… $300… Went to another (same franchise) and settled on a new pair for $190.00, ready next Friday. Now Mrs Wombat wants a new pair !!!. Headed off to a “wet” market, bought a large whole snapper for $3 and some pork loin for $1.50 for dinners, got to the supermarket and topped up on groceries then went to his place and saw an older model Camry, blue, clean and tidy. Took it for a drive, went really well so the deal was done. No more Tuk Tuks or Sawngthaews !!!!

Our wheels

And now we can go places that would not have been possible before like going to Chiang Rai and Mae Salong and Mae Sot up north on the Burmese border area and stopping for a couple of days.


The Wombats are happy  🙂

Click here to go to: Wat Rong Khun.. The White Temple.

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