Bushfires in Molesworth Feb 2013

Hobart was blanketed with heavy smoke  from a fire at Molesworth in the Derwent Valley which damaged at least two outbuildings and parts of a home.

More than 35 units battled the blaze which took more than a week to control. Winds of up to 60km/h in the afternoon had hampered firefighting efforts.

Significant resources were allocated to the Molesworth bushfire, nearly a week after it started on Glen Dhu Rd. Tasmania Fire Service crews with the assistance of remote area teams, aerial support and machinery worked on the fire edge around the Ironstone Gully, Ringwood Rd and Ringwood Trail area.

The fire moved over into Collins Cap Road properties on Wednesday night. Fortunately that night the winds were very low or the outcome could have been much worse.

The video attached is the day and night of Wednesday. Luckily for us at “Danson Park” the fire was halted on the opposite hillside. If it had been windy then I might not be writing this.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL those who fought tirelessly to keep us all safe. To the Firefighters, to the SES people, the Police and the Chopper guys, to the support crews who kept these people replenished, fed and watered, what can I (we) say other than………………………………….. THANK YOU