The trip to Phnom Phen from the border with Vietnam was an eye opener. An English teacher at our hotel asked “What were your first impressions?” My answer was “what a dirty disgusting country!”

However when one realises the terrible events that have taken place in Cambodia in the Pol Pot era and the state the country was left in not so long ago, allowances can be made. As one person told us the people here are still trying to rebuild the country and get it back on it’s feet so they have priorities and beautification and pristine roadsides don’t come into the equation.

Arrived Phnom Phen on Sunday 1st June at 3.00pm after a six hour bus ride from Saigon. DO NOT ride with Sapaco Tourist coaches. We were told the bus was “newish” with aircraft style reclining seats and beautifully comfortable. The truth was it was an ordinary bus definitely nearly ready for the pension with a driver that literally blasted his electric air horn several times every 10 seconds of the trip which really drives you mad and I did suggest to fellow travellers that maybe I should get the horn and stick it in some dark orifice in the drivers body. In Australia it is against the law to sound a horn except in an emergency and it would make this country a better place if they did the same. Then halfway through the trip his horn blowing was complimented by a TERRIBLE Bollywood movie with an unknown language voice over. One voice did all the characters !!! blasted through the bus speakers. Add to that the bus crew could not speak or understand one word of English which left us a bit lost at the borders, it made for a not to be repeated trip.


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Phnom Phen: 11.568300, 104.922000
Siem Reap: 13.361800, 103.859000
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Phnom Phen
Phnom Penh រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ, Cambodia
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Siem Reap
Siem Reap ខេត្តសៀមរាប, Cambodia

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