Cars and trucks I have driven over the years

Thought you might be interested in how many “toys” a boy can own. These are my family of cars over the years.

And I have included some of the trucks I have driven.

However the first acknowledgement is to the London bus in Bexleyheath….(Did he really drive a London bus at 14?..) No. but I did drive my Uncle up to London in his Wolesley to his clubs when we shut the roadside cafe at night but let me tell you… this is where I first learnt to drive.I used to sit in the front seat upstairs and mimic what the driver was doing in his cab. Put into 1st gear , Clutch out accelerate, move off. clutch in 2nd gear and so on. Bus stop, brake gently and so on. I really believe this gave me a great grounding to driving. But When I came to Australia I got a job with the Metropolitan Transport Trust driving buses. There is a short story to this (I went to the head office in the city and said I was looking for a job on the buses. The manager there said to a driver “hey Fred(or whoever),take this guy for a test drive,” so he did and reported back “yes boss he is OK”. so I was given a uniform and told to “start next week” They never asked how old I was or to have a look at my license so I was probably the youngest driver ever to drive buses in Hobart. it was a good job but after a couple of years I quit and headed off to the mainland to drive Bigger and Heavier vehicles. have a look below


London bus at Bexleyheath

London bus at Bexleyheath

mtt Bedford bus 249

MTT Bedford bus 249 HOBART Tasmania

MTT bus around 1963

MTT bus around 1963


Jewel & trailer

Jewel and Shell tanker

Uncle Bob's Wolseley

Uncle Bob’s Wolseley I used to spend my days driving around and parking in the cafe car park

Bobs next car 1960 zephyr

Bobs next car 1960 zephyr


Me Shell Atkinson

Me. Shell Atkinson. Shell appointed me as one of the first drivers when they updated their fleet Because I had had experienceAtkinsons elsewhere at Frigemobile.

Shell Fleet 2

Shell Fleet at the Rosehill refinery



Shell trucks

Shell trucks 4 Atkinsons and a Kenworth





This was the ERF I used to drive interstate for Highway Haulage. Sleep was by means of a strip of hessian strung between two poles strung across the dashboard and the seats. ERF was started in 1933 by Dennis Foden, the son of Edwin Richard Foden (Foden Trucks) who had recently left Foden Ltd. Britain was suffering a recession in the early 1930s and times were tough. Insurers were increasingly reluctant to underwrite steam boilers and history has several accounts of why Edwin left Foden. Most common is that while Edwin believed the future of road transport lay in diesel engine power the Foden board room did not and his son Dennis resigned over the issue. The other account is that Richard was ousted by his stepmother who was by then in charge of the business. Dennis initially stayed with Foden but soon left to set up his own business. No-one could have envisaged at that time that ERF would be started and indeed, thrive while many others fell over by the The picture above was likely to be loaded with Wheat or pumpkins from around Toowoomba .

erf Eric Richardson Foden

ERF with a six cylinder Cummins engine and 13 speed roadranger gearbox




The Scammell heritage began in the Victorian era, when the wheelwright, George Scammell of Fashion Street, Spitalfields, in the East End of London, developed his business. Later named G Scammell and Nephew, they were involved in the building and repair of craftsman-built carts and vans. In the early 1900s a substantial business had been built up selling and maintaining Foden Steam Wagons and small trucks. They had an aluminum gate on the gearbox which used to shake and vibrate against the gear stick making the hell of a noise



Kenworth Frigmobile a great job on a NSW hot day outback in NSW. when it got too hot stop on the roadside climb into the fridge truck and have a couple of ice creams that you loaded in the depot





KW roadtrain

KenWorth..Dubbo – Melb in 12 hours full of cattle or empty. What a machine to drive.

KW Dubbo - Melb

Thorp's G86 Volvo & Linda

Thorpe’s G86 Volvo with daughter Linda. We used to move Hydro Electric  houses from the central highlands. RIP Bob




Albion old English slugger

Peterbilt Highway Haulage

Peterbilt Highway Haulage

(Now for our cars, I think I can remember them all).

Maybe you can “Show & Tell” us about cars you have owned.

Triumph Mayflower

Way back in 1963, when I jumped ship in Australia I bought my first car. A Triumph Mayflower AKA a Triumph “Butterbox”.


Ford Zephyr

Then shortly thereafter I “progressed” to a Ford Zephyr, about a 1950 model. The salesman told me “not to buy it” . I did… He was right !!!!!!


From there I have had, to the best of my memory:

Ford custom line 500 The Mercury Newspaper had a couple of these without seats to run newspapers to Launceston every night.. No speed limits then..Very fast!!!

A Ford 500 One with the “torpedo tubes” on the rear sides.


Ford “Single Spinner” ute

A Ford Single Spinner Ute


1959 Holden EJ van

A 1959 EJ Holden Van.


A Morris Oxford about 1950 model. Took it to Sydney when I moved state.. it got to Avenel outside Melbourne and stayed there for many years when I was truck driving and looked it up in an old Service station still with the tools in the boot.



Austin Healy Sprite

An Austin Healy (Bug eyed) Sprite.



Singer-Gazelle A beautiful Singer Gazelle. Great car!




Commer “Knocker”

A Commer “Knocker”.


Mr Whippy Van

A “Mr Whippy” van . Caught fire on the streets much to the amusement of the kids !!


1959 EJ Holden Wagon

A 1959 EJ Holden Wagon.


1960 HD Holden wagon

A 1960 HD Holden station wagon.


1960 Mercedes Benz

A 1960 Mercedes (Former Diplomatic car from Singapore.)


1976 Toyota Land Cruiser

A Toyota Land Cruiser bought new in about 1976,
for a 1 year trip around Australia with a 32 foot caravan we had especially built for the purpose.

1960 Toyota Corolla

Land Cruiser and 32 foot van on two year trip

A 1960 Toyota Corolla bought to take as a “scout car’ on the trip (Died & buried in the Snowy Mountains).


Jaguar Mk 11

A V6 Mark 11 Jaguar (Mine).


Jaguar V12

A V12 Jaguar. (Jewel’s).



A LWB Landrover.


Toyota Corona Station wagon

A Toyota Corona Wagon.


Toyota Lexcen Station Wagon (Holden re-badged)

A Toyota Lexcen station wagon.

Toyota Camry wagon 1988

Toyota Camry wagon 1988






A 1988 Toyota Camry station wagon.

Toyota Altise 2002

Toyota Altise 2002

A 2002 Toyota Altise

A 1981 Mercedes 320SE bought as a Valentines day present for Jewel.. Made the TV and newspaper !!!!got me into “trouble” FROM Friends who only gave wives a box of chocolates

1981 Mercedes 320SE

1981 Mercedes 320SE

1981 Mercedes Benz 320SE


a 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Bought for Jewel on her 80th





A very useful vehicle.
I don’t know how I ever managed without one !!!
Mitsubishi Triton Ute.


Mitsubishi Ute. Good little workhose. Current

Mitsubishi Ute. Good little workhorse. Current


And the latest addition to the list for Jewel’s birthday August 2016
she is the slickest granny on the road. 🙂

2008 Toyota Aurion Sportivo. Absolute “magic” !!!

Toyota Aurion 2008

Toyota Aurion 2008. Current

Toyota Aurion 2008

Toyota Aurion 2008 traded on Kia Sportage


Our latest addition. Kia Rio bought for $100. Needed a clean and a bit of bumper touch up.

2001 Kia Rio bought for $100. Needed a good clean out and polish . Had to respray the bumpers. Goes like a dream. Very useful car.

2001 Kia Rio bought for $100. Needed a good clean out and polish . Had to respray the bumpers. Goes like a dream. Very useful car. Sold


1961 Mazda MPV

1961 Mazda MPV Sold

Bought this at Auction.. Cheap.. Mechanic had it for 18 months.. Cost me “an arm and a leg” sold it for a loss. Moral is don’t buy from auctions. (Although the gold Kia above was a good auction buy)


2020 TOYOTA corolla hybrid

2020 TOYOTA corolla hybrid


2020 TOYOTA corolla hybrid

2020 TOYOTA corolla hybrid


Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage



mtt Bedford bus 249

mtt Bedford bus 249

mtt Bedford bus 249

mtt Bedford bus 249