How it all began

“Danson Park” Tasmania was named after the local Manor House park in Bexleyheath, England, Danson Park, the place Paul used to play as a child, other than the name there is probably no real similarity. The English one has lush green lawns, a large boating lake and a superb Mansion.

“Danson Park” Tasmania was carved out of hillside bushland at Molesworth in the Derwent Valley about 30 klm from the Tasmanian capital of Hobart.

Our “Danson Park” is a 17 acre property with a timber and brick two story family home built in 1984 set amid a couple of acres of gardens comprising a mix of bush and flowers with two ponds filled with water lilies and fish. The landscape is harsh, dry, and reasonably steep with no water other than from a slow bore sunk about 20 years ago, but since 1984 the gardens have established and have now matured to a stage where pruning once never thought of, is a regular event.Bottom Pond 2 jpg RIMG4071

We grow most of our own vegetables, have good supplies of fruits, apricots, plums, apples, nectarines etc, make our own bread, cure and smoke bacon, fish and other “goodies” in our smokehouse and have an abundant supply of eggs from our chickens.

Being “in the country”, all household water is captured from the ever decreasing rainfall whilst the garden watering is achieved from the bore. The bore water however is quite high in salt and minerals and lots of plant life such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Lemons, Camellias do not like it and will not survive (unfortunately).

The gardens were up till 2014 patrolled by the family Great Dane, Zeus who tried hard to keep the native animals under control, but with no success. RIMG0489They ran too fast for him !!! Zeus has passed on and the gardens are now under the “control” of our new dog B.B.D (Big black dog.. or whatever). Even with regular “animal attack” the gardens at “Danson Park” have grown from the harsh bushland to bring pleasure to us.

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Bee Bee Dee about 5 months

Bee Bee Dee about 5 months

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