“Impossible” Pie

This is a quick and easy recipe to get ready for a great dinner. Accompanied by a green salad with some olives, feta, tomatoes etc in it this dish is ideal for “Al Fresco” dining on a summers evening or in fact for any time of the year.

Risen beautifully

Risen beautifully

The basis of this dish is simply mix everything together and put in a moderate oven about one hour before needed. Put together time is approx 10 – 15 mins depending on your ingredients.
What are the ingredients?…. Anything you choose or have an abundance of. For example:
Broccoli, grated carrot, most blanched veggies, corn, frozen peas, mushrooms, ham, Salami or similar cold meats. Cooked chopped sausages go fine as does Chorizo.
let your imagination run wild.

So having said that lets look at the base ingredients and tell you what to do:

Using a 10 inch (or so) dish that is deep enough to allow some “growth”.

12 eggs
About 50gm butter (melted in microwave)
100 gm plain flour
200ml milk or milk cream mix
S & P
“Bits” e.g. vegies, cold meats, sausages chopped, whatever is in the fridge.
Grated cheese for topping

The Method.

I use an ordinary hand held electric beater but as long as you can whisk it all together who cares:-)
Break eggs into a large bowl, put in milk/cream, flour, seasoning and whisk, add butter whisk a little more and tip into dish. Then put in your “bits”. Cold meats, veggies whatever. Top with some grated cheese and put into a pre heated moderate oven. Keep your eye on it (if you have a glass oven door) and leave for about 40 – 45 mins. (try to avoid opening oven to have a peek before time) then check and it should have risen evenly. If the middle is still sunken leave a bit longer.

Remove from oven and what can I say….. EAT it 🙂

Bon Appetite.

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