Jewel’s Section

My name is Jewel, (I guess it was fated that I would become a gemmologist)  and I have worked side by side with Paul over the years in our restaurant ventures and also helping  create “Danson Park”.


I do have other interests, mainly my love of gemstones and minerals and my devotion to the Gemmological Association Of Australia (GAA) and especially the Tasmania Division. I have been a member of Tasmanian Division for 30+ years now and have recently stepped down from the position of President which I proudly held for the past 14 years (the longest running President in the history of the GAA).

This is my section where you can share my love of gemstones and all things gemmological. As time goes by I will attempt to write some articles on my favourite gemstones. Meanwhile If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment or email me.

This is a photo of my dear friend George Norris looking for topaz on Flinders Island in the ’90s, at 104 he still has a keen interest in gemstones and recently presented “The George Norris” award to a student who attained a distinction in his studies of gemmology

The one below is of me fossicking in a dry creek bed for smoky quartz at Gladstone, NE Tasmania while on a yearly gemstone trip with members of Tasmania Division, GAA.

There are two reports of trips (2010 & 2014) on pages in this section.




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