Jewel’s Tomato Marmalade

This year we had tomatoes. Buckets of them !!!!!
“coming out of our ears”
(as the saying goes) Animated tomatoes

So Jewel decided to try Tomato Marmalade.
It is fantastic. Great colour, wonderful flavour. The only problem experience was getting it to set. The tomatoes “throw” a lot of water so do NOT add extra water. We had to use a packet of commercial “jam setter” which helped. As it is a bit on the runny side it also makes a great sauce to have with cold meats etc.

So if you have too many tomatoes give it a try.

2kg ripe tomatoes
1.5kg Sugar
4 large oranges cut into thin slices
Commercial jam setter if it is too thin (no shame, if it works use it) 🙂

The method:

Peel the tomatoes. You know how… cut a X in the base – plunge into a pot of boiling water for 10 seconds or so – into iced water and the skin will peel off.
Chop tomatoes into pieces as per picture place into pot with sliced oranges and cook until the rind is soft. (I forgot to take a picture of mixture cooking, but I guess you can imagine) Measure the mixture and allow 3/4 cup of sugar for each cup of fruit. Add sugar to mixture and heat without boiling to dissolve the sugar then bring to boil and cook uncovered for 15 -20 minutes or until marmalade gels on test plate. Should it not gel enough this is the time to add commercial jam setter (available at most supermarkets) Have some on hand before starting 🙂

Bon Appetite:

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