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Having started cooking at my uncles English roadside cafe on the London to Rochester main highway back in (about) 1955 I have had a love of food for a LONG time.

When I joined the British merchant navy to be a cook I got into the wrong queue and ended up becoming a steward. But it was a good grounding for the time that Jewel and myself started our love affair with restaurants. We started running our own pizza shops, then Hobart’s longest running theater restaurant The Rampant Bear, and moved onward to several other restaurants, among them, Buffins, The Ball & Chain, Leonardo’s, Molly Malone’s and Oliver’s Eating House. Although it was hard work and long hours we were fortunate that our restaurants were popular and very busy. I did my training at Drysdale House Tasmania’s school of hospitality and I was the oldest student in the class. I was fortunate to be awarded “Apprentice of the year”.  Our staff were fantastic and one young lady apprentice cook did us a great honour by taking out “Apprentice of the year” two years running.


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So food has played an immense part in my life and I would like to share some of my favourite recipes with you.

I hope you try them and if you want to share yours please post a comment or email me.


Good jobs

It’s a hard job but someone has to do it !!




The Ball and Chain Hobart

The Ball and Chain Hobart





“Serving wenches” at The Rampant Bear.

Seafood platter



Kitchen at Olivers

Olivers Eating House days

Ball and Chain restaurant

Seafood in aspic

Recipes in list