English style Pork Pie

A favourite entree at one of our restaurants

“Olivers Eating House”

was English style pork pie:

English style pork pie

English style pork pie

Great to make for dinner parties, lunches or just to “pig out” on or impress friends.

It is a little labour intensive but take care and the satisfaction you get from creating this dish will be a great reward.

Best served with some cheese, pickled onion and relish. OOPS plus a beer or wine. 🙂


The quantity is not written as it will vary with the tin you are using: Use a round spring form tin if you have one. A bread tin will do also (used in pictures)

Good lean pork. Ask butcher to select it.
Pork back fat. Again ask butcher
A piece of 4×4 ham from the deli
S & P
Nutmeg and any spices you like but be careful they don’t discolour
Calvados or brandy say 2-3 nips


Makes just over 750g pastry, enough for two pies holding 450g meat each

475g flour
150g lard or dripping
125ml boiling water
1½ tsp salt

Caution: hot fat can be dangerous – follow the instructions carefully.

Rub 50gm lard into the flour until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Place 100g lard in a large saucepan and heat until it just melts. Carefully pour 125ml boiling water into the lard. Add the salt, stir until it dissolves, then pour this over the flour and mix quickly to a dough. Work it with a knife to begin with, then, as soon as it is cool enough to dig your hands in without scalding them, work the dough well with your fingers until it is mixed evenly and shape into a ball. Press the dough out on to a plate, cover with paper or cling film and leave until still warm (about 28 – 30C)

Lightly flour the work surface, roll the dough to about ¾ cm thick, fold it in on itself by thirds, then repeat this roll and fold again.  The dough should be warm and pliable when molding to the tin.


The Method:

Cut ham and pork into 25mm (1 inch) cubes and place in a bowl. Add spices, brandy (Calvados if you have it) and allow to marinate for an hour or two.

Roll pastry while warm and fit into your tin making sure there are no holes or it will leak. Leave some hanging over the sides to use as a top cover.
Fill with meat adding some hard boiled eggs in the middle if you wish ( not essential but looks nicer) Fill as much as possible bumping on bench to settle meat. Cover the top with the flap of pastry. If you do not have enough flap simply wet the edges and  place a full pastry lid on top. Brush with egg wash. Cut a hole in the top and insert a funnel. Use a piece of foil if you don’t have anything else. Cook this in a moderate oven for about 1 hour until brown on top

Make aspic: You can make your stock the old fashioned traditional way or simply purchase at the supermarket (nobody will know):
In a measuring cup, combine chicken stock with gelatin. Microwave until hot and gelatin is dissolved. When cold or almost cold fill with the gelatined stock mixture which should be just tepid so it gets among the meat bits. Keep topping up up until it is full. Place in fridge for several hours or more to set.

When ready to serve remove from tin. This is where you hope you had no leaks as it might stick to the tin and be hard to get out. Slide a knife around or warm the outside of tin by immersing in a sink of hot water. Don’t wet the pie !!

I suggest you use a serrated bread knife to slice it… CAREFULLY !!!

Bon Appetite.

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