Sheeps hearts braised in demi glaze

Went to “Robbo’s Meats” at Glenorchy and bought some lamb’s fry (liver, enough for six meals) a nice bung of Black Pudding, a dozen lamb’s kidneys and four sheep’s hearts. The whole lot cost just $14.95. So don’t say you can’t eat meat cheaply these days.

Anyway, I had Devilled Kidneys for lunch, recipe on here just click this link

We had Black Pudding on toast for breakfast and Jewel made two large trays of Liver and Bacon. Click here for the recipe.

We also cooked the sheep’s hearts in  Demi Glaze (brown sauce) so I thought I would show you the method we used. BTW If you buy this product at your restaurant supplier get “DEMI GLAZE” mix NOT “Brown Gravy” mix. It is a bit more expensive but well worth the little extra. You won’t buy it in the big two supermarkets.

The thing with “cheap cuts” is there is a bit of work to do, as opposed to just buying  $10 steaks and simply throwing them on the BBQ or a leg of lamb at around $30.

BUT the effort is well worth it. I make no apologies for using a commercial “Demi Glaze” mix, we have used this brand since “The Rampant Bear” days nearly 40 years ago. It works, it’s easy, it tastes good (ask the diners) and you can do so many variations with it, limited only by your imagination. Red wine, Port, mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, Marsala, green peppercorn (tastes just like the restaurants and pubs make… Funny about that!) and so on.

So.. here we go.

First wash the hearts a couple of times in salt water to remove any blood. (Hearts have blood..LOL) 🙂

Cut out the centre ventricle with scissors to open them up. Make a stuffing. Use your imagination. This time I used a commercial mix (Lazy again) and added onions, garlic and bacon. You could use rice or Cous Cous etc.

Stuff the hearts and sew up the ends. Brown them off in a fry pan with a little oil. Be like me and make a damn mess of my nice clean stove. (Next time I will do it outside on the  gas wok burner). I really don’t know why I bother doing this as it does nothing other than alter a flavour. If you don’t believe me then read what food scientist Harold McGee says Just click here.   …………….. Or try reading this link.
BTW if you are interested in food science it is a good investment buying his book. You will find it extremely useful and enlightening.

Place in dish with some mirepoix (fancy word for onion, carrot, celery) I didn’t have celery but threw in some mushrooms. Cover with sauce, cover with foil and cook long and slow. It could take two hours or more. Just test them for tenderness occasionally.

I apologise for not putting a picture of the full meal on the gallery below but we ate 3 of the hearts before I remembered. So there is only one to see.. but they were delicious. 🙂

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